We have fabricated special bins to our own individual designs. The range of bins will accommodate different animals up to the size of a cow or horse. All bins are washed and sanitised before they are returned to the customer.
  • Bin Type 1
    Bin Type 1
    Wheelie Bin, capacity 240 litres. Suitable for piglets, poultry etc. We supply four sizes of bin, each with a lid.

    Our drivers are protected from contact with carcasses..
  • Bin Type 2
    Bin Type 2
    Dolav Bin, capacity 500 litres. Suitable for small animals.
  • Bin Type 3
    Bin Type 3
    Fattening Site Bin, capacity 1600 litres. Suitable for medium size animals.
  • Bin Type 4
    Bin Type 4
    Breeding Site Bin, capacity 2400 litres. Suitable for medium to large animals.
  • Bin sanitising
    Bin sanitising
    Collection bins are washed, disinfected and dried before being sent out to customers' premises again.
  • Unloading lorry
    Unloading lorry
    On return the lorry is driven into one of three bays ready to be unloaded. The outer roller doors are then lowered to provide a sealed working area and contain any odour. Each bin is unloaded from the collection vehicle by loader and its weight recorded.
  • Unloading bins
    Unloading bins
    Internal doors are then opened to the neighbouring two bays. After unloading and weighing the bin is tipped into a 25 tonne sealed articulated body. On completion of unloading doors to the reception lorries are lowered and the outer reception doors opened.
  • Air scrubber
    Air scrubber
    Everything possible is done to prevent the escape of any odour. Air from the unloading bays passes through this modern, self-cleaning air scrubber before being released free from smell to the atmosphere. The system is approved by Freedom Foods and Defra.
  • Yard cleaning
    Yard cleaning
    Modern cleaning equipment keeps all yard areas clean and disinfected.


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Vehicle Tracking

Our fleet of vehicles is fitted with tracking devices from Navman fleet management systems. This enables us to see where they are and divert them if necessary to a site requiring urgent collection.

Navman vehicle tracking software